03 Feb 2009

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changhai, on attend un peu que Zakim redemarre...

ok, on peut appeler, alors

<apaschke> I cannot attend since I have a lecture on Wednesday

<apaschke> afternoon


PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-63 with the understanding that the Group construct is sufficient


Paul, is there a HALT action in Blaze, that terminates an execution?

And in your engine?

<apaschke> this issue also relates to finiteness as we discussed it today

<apaschke> we said that it might be handeled by the conformance clause

<PaulVincent> Sorry I'm not on the call yet - Blaze has a "return" which terminates ruleset execution

<PaulVincent> In TIBCO: we never halt :)

<PaulVincent> ... instead we'd have to set a "terminate flag" or somesuch for that particular ruleset

PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-65 with the understanding that there is only one halting test in PRD, and no syntax to specify other ones at this stage.
... Close ISSUE-65 with the understanding that there is only one halting test in PRD.
... Close ISSUE-65 with the understanding that PRD does not add specific syntax to specify halting tests.

<PaulVincent> +1 to #3 :)


<Gary> Retract(obj[slot->*]) Assert(obj[slot->value])

<apaschke> i.e. modify = retract all old frames + assert new frame

<PaulVincent> Does this have issues with the collection / array semantics? ie retract * = empty an array if multivalued slots?

<cke> Agree with Adrian.



<cke> modify(obj[slot1->value1 slot2->value2, ...])

<apaschke> our semantics is defined in terms of snapshots

<apaschke> which are herbrand models

<apaschke> assert / retract actions lead to a new snapshot (state)

<PaulVincent> Modify is normally a.b = <value>

<Gary> Modify(obj[slot->v1 slot->v2])

<cke> Also: modify(obj[slot->v1 slot->v2 slot2->v3 slot2->v4 slot3->v5]

<cke> The point here is to remove everything, and re-state all the slots again.

<Gary> if Modify(obj[slot->value]) means the same as Do(Retract(obj[slot->*]) Assert(obj[slot->value])) then I am in favor of Modify

<cke> Gary, we agree here.

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