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Bringing Accessibility to Today's Web

Michael Cooper,

Introduction: Michael Cooper

The "Modern Web"

Progress bar example
Slider example

Emerging accessibility issues

Accessibility support of technologies

Address the challenges

Standards to support Web applications

WCAG 2.0

Status of WCAG 2.0

WCAG 2 materials

Figure 1: Relationship of the WCAG documents

Key differences from WCAG 1.0

Comparison of requirements

Using WCAG 2.0

Does WCAG 2.0 go far enough?

WAI-ARIA: Making accessibility sing

ARIA has mapping to the major accessibility APIs: MSAA, UIAutomation, IAccessible2, @@Gnu Accessibility Toolkit

The WAI-ARIA Suite

WAI-ARIA supports:

WAI-ARIA status

Other W3C Work

Components of accessibility

Making sure the Web stays accessible

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