Suggested rewrite of last paragraph of 10.3

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Maritza Johnson
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Suggested rewrite of the last paragraph after a request to write a 1-2 sentence
goal of our low fidelity prototyping. Rewrite also includes the lower bound for
the number of participants we will seek.

Text to replace the end of the last paragraph of 10.3 starting with the sentence
the currently begins with \"At a minimum\":

At a minimum, we will find the resources to do \"lo-fi\" prototyping with a modest
number of volunteers (10-20) for each recommendation where user feedback appears
necessary [Tiny Fingers]. Volunteer participants will be found through WG member
organizations. Prototyping at this level will provide feedback in early design
phases at a point where needed changes can be made easily. It will also create a
more user-centered design process and will help in the realization of our goals
that address usability.

In addition, we will pursue resources that allow us to do more extensive
usability testing, including:

* Incremental testing incorporating feedback from previous iterations
* Recruiting participants from broader groups which better representative
target user groups, either in size or relevant characteristics
* Lab testing of sample code, for example [Johnny 2]
* Contextual or \"in the wild\" testing of sample code [Social Phishing]
* More iterative combinations of the above, throughout the specification
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