testing throughout evolution of product (pubic comment)

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testing throughout evolution of product
where it says, in 10.3 Implementation and testing
We will pursue resources that allow us to do
more extensive usability testing, including:
* Substantially different low fi testing for each iteration
* Broader and more representative user population participating
* Lab testing of sample code, for example [147]Johnny 2]
* Contextual or \"in the wild\" testing of sample code [148]Social
* More iterative combinations of the above, throughout the
specification lifecycle
This program is ambitious, but meritorious. Wishing you all success.
Please consider
Investigate what can be done with high-function verification technologies such
as NVDL and Schematron to aid authors (and user agents) in deriving
information that bears on the conforming or non-conforming use of your
suggested practices. The flow here is from the logical model for security
information to machinable checks targeted to two applications: things that get
run on the author side in preparing materials for publication, and the same
things get run on the client or a third-party service when it seems there\'s
something not quite right in the State of Denmark.
please consider
Stay in touch with the Mobile Web Best Practices WG. They are ahead of you on
the road in exploring new and better paths to testing and deployment.
please consider
Keep a journal. The WAI stands fair to gain from anything you learn
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