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Web Accessibility Initiative
strategies, guidelines, and resources to make the web accessible to people with disabilities

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Guidelines and Resources

The WAI Web site provides guidelines and resources in the following areas:

Guidelines and Techniques
Overviews of WAI guidelines for web content (WCAG), Web browsers and media players (UAAG), and authoring tools (ATAG), which link to the guidelines themselves as well as techniques to help implement the guidelines, and other related documents.
General Resources
A wide range of resources, such as listing of governmental policies on Web accessibility around the world, proceedings from research and development events, and papers on topics including standards harmonization.
Implementing and Promoting Web Accessibility
Resources to help promote and implement Web accessibility.
Evaluating Web Accessibility
Resources to help evaluate how a Web site meets Web content accessibility guidelines.
Developing Web Accessibility Training
Resources to help develop Web accessibility training.

See also:

Getting Started
Resources that provide short introductions to Web accessibility, WAI, how people wityh disabilities use the Web, and quick tips for developing accessible Web sites.