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Comments from groups

  1. XML Query WG [9 issues ]
    1. ashok-1 : Global variable or parameter "uri-to-issues-xml" cannot be defined more than once with the same import precedence [open]
    2. melton1 : Useless and confusing self-referencing link [open]
    3. melton2 : Inability to submit comments using the ExIT system [open]
    4. melton3 : Unclear form field when attempting to "Create new issue from scratch" [open]
    5. melton4 : Unclear structure of XML document containing the actual issues [open]
    6. melton5 : A Tool vs A Kit to Build a Tool [open]
    7. walsh1 : Proposed ExIT schema improvements [closed]
    8. kay1 : Recording follow-up discussions [open]
    9. kay2 : Allow description with the discussion element [open]

Comments from individuals

  1. Ian Jacobs [1 issue ]
    1. jacobs1 : Switch to UTF-8 in /2004 space [open]

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