W3C Extensible Issue Tracking System (ExIT)

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Status of this Document

We are currently putting the finishing touches on version 0.9 of ExIT. Until we announce that the system is ready, please do not expect support. However, we are happy for you to try out the system.


ExIT is a Web-based issue tracking system designed to help W3C Working Groups managed deliverables in the W3C Process (although it may be used for other applications as well).

With ExIT, groups represent issue data (transitions, action items, acknowledgments with reviewers, objections, etc.) in XML. From this data, ExIT generates views that serve various purposes: issue summaries, issue details, views to help the Director at a document transition meeting, views to help the Chair build an agenda, and more.


ExIT is currently being used by the TAG (see the TAG issues list) and the DOM WG (e.g., see the DOM Level 3 Core Issues List). View summary page screenshots.

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Download the ExIT zip file and unzip in a directory where the issues data will reside. You may also check out the system from the public W3C CVS repository using a public CVS account (see read-only anonymous CVS access). See the ExIT documentation for more information on installing ExIT. If you will need a W3C Web site account access with proper access rights (usually Jigedit) to install your issues list on the W3C Web site.

ExIT Comments and Bugs

The ExIT developers are using ExIT to track comments and bugs in ExIT; see the ExIT v 0.9 Issues List.

If you have questions, contact Philippe Le Hégaret or Ian Jacobs

If you have questions, contact Philippe Le Hégaret or Ian Jacobs

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