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Agenda of 29 September 2003 TAG teleconference

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Note: The Chair does not expect the agenda to change after close of business (Boston time) Thursday of this week.

1. Administrative (15min)

  1. Roll call.
  2. Accept the minutes of the 15 Sep teleconf?
  3. Accept this agenda?
  4. Next meeting: 6-8 Oct ftf meeting in Bristol

Upcoming events:

1.1 TAG participation in Tech Plenary 2004 (1-5 March)

Pros: Interaction with other groups, welcome new TAG participants.

Cons: Competing meeetings.

1.2 TAG highlights from previous six months (for AC meeting)

See previous highlights (Member-only).

1.3 Bristol FTF Agenda

  1. Primarily focused on Arch Doc, TAG findings.
  2. 9h - 17h M, T. (Not sure for W).
  3. Meeting page

2. Technical (75min)

2.1 Architecture Document

The TAG expects to review an upcoming Editor's Draft (not yet available), and address questions from the editor.

2.1.1 Review of actions related to Architecture Document

Completed action items:

Open action items:

The following action items were follow-up from the 22 July face-to-face meeting in Vancouver:

2.2 Findings

If time permits, the TAG will review these.

The TAG does not expect to cover these issues.

2.3 Findings

See also TAG findings home page.

2.3.1 Draft findings that require more discussion

2.3.2 Expected new findings

  1. contentPresentation-26: Action CL (and IJ from ftf meeting) 2003/06/02: Make available a draft finding on content/presentation. From 21 July ftf meeting, revision due 8 August.
  2. Action IJ 2003/06/09: Turn TB apple story into a finding.

2.4 Issues

The TAG does not expect to discuss these issues at this meeting.

2.4.1 Identifiers (URIEquivalence-15 , IRIEverywhere-27)

2.4.2 Qnames, fragments, and media types(rdfmsQnameUriMapping-6, fragmentInXML-28, abstractComponentRefs-37, putMediaType-38)

2.4.3 New and other Issues requested for discussion. (mixedUIXMLNamespace-33, RDFinXHTML-35, siteData-36 plus possible new issues)

Existing Issues:

2.4.4 Miscellaneous issues

3. Other actions

Ian Jacobs for Stuart Williams and TimBL
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