W3C TR Information in SVG

Several adaptations of the Technical Report RDF data to graphical format are listed here. Most of the work was done with a combination of XSLT and cwm, a semantic web tool.

Recommendation History

The SVG, using the Recommendation publication history RDF data and an XSLT, further desribed in the Recommendation History documentaiton.

Publication Statistics

Publication Phase Duration Histograms

An index of SVGs as well as a description of how they were generated. These graphs are visualizations of the amount of time it takes for each publication to go from one phase to the next (i.e., Working Draft to Candidate Recommendation) as well as an overall picture (from Working Draft to Recommendation).

Publications Per Quarter

The SVG. This graph shows how many of each type of publication were published during each quarter, from 96Q1 to 03Q2. The graph was generated using XSLT based on the RDF history of TR Recommendations and current publications.

Current Work History

The SVG, generated using XSLT based on the RDF history of current publications.

There is also an animated version (use Adobe's viewer).

By Group

An index of SVGs; a work in progress. Some associations between groups and the documents they publish are not currently recorded in the RDF.

Projected Work

The SVG, based on data provided by the working group scraping project. The data is combined and munged using cwm, then processed into SVG by using XSLT.

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