ISSUE-26: Encoding URI parameters for use in WSDL


Encoding URI parameters for use in WSDL

SOAP-JMS Binding specification
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Mark Phillips
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When using multiple query parameters on a URI in WSDL documents, the parameter separator '&' needs to be escaped to ensure valid XML. This is not immediately obvious and is not mentioned in the specification..


In section 3.4.5, add a new final paragraph:

If more than one property is used in a URI, then the URI query parameters will be separated by an ampersand. To ensure that this ampersand does not invalidate the XML document, it MUST be escaped with the "&amp" XML character reference. This is true for any of the character entities that require special encoding in XML (e.g. &, <,>, ',"). (This is in addition to any URI encoding though this is arguably covered in the URI spec). We should make this clearer with at least one example showing multiple properties in a WSDL URI, and possibly a property showing URI encoding.


<wsdl11soap11:address location="jms:jndi:destinationName?targetService=service1"/>


<wsdl11soap11:address location="jms:jndi:destinationName?targetService=service1&amp;priority=5&amp;userAddress=5%20Main%20Street"/>
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Opened as per conference call of 2010-01-26:

Eric Johnson, 2 Feb 2010, 00:04:26

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Eric Johnson, 23 Feb 2010, 00:51:48

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