ISSUE-24: Precedence rules for jndiContextParameter


Precedence rules for jndiContextParameter

SOAP-JMS Binding specification
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Mark Phillips
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In section 2.2.1 the spec. states that the jndiContextParameter may be specified more than once. This could cause confusion with the earlier assertions Protocol-2001 in 2.2 that states "If a given property is specified in more than one of these, the following list specifies the precedence: the first MUST be used in preference to the second." and Protocol-2002: "If a given property is specified more than once in the JMS URI the last instance of the property MUST be used."


In section 2.2.1, in the description of the jndiContextParameter parameter, change the second bullet from:

An optional property that MAY be specified more than once.


An optional property that MAY be specified more than once. When determining precedence rules for multiple occurrences of the jndiContextParameter property, the property is not considered to be occur more than once unless the name attribute is identical in multiple jndiContextParameter properties.
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Opened as per conference call of 2010-01-26:

Eric Johnson, 2 Feb 2010, 00:03:00

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Eric Johnson, 23 Feb 2010, 00:50:25

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