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This report presents the results of running the XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Test Suite against a range of implementations, often without the knowledge or assistance from the authors of an implementation. The report is available in three forms: basic, advanced and All. This page summarizes the results of the databinding tests designed for patterns.

Note that these results indicate a databinding implementation is able to consume an example XML Schema wrapped in WSDL and later echo SOAP messages containing a valid instance of the XML document in the body. It is therefore possible for an implementation to simply echo the input XML, giving the impression that the XML Schema has been honoured and used to generate an internal data model presenting the input data with fidelity. Additional tests, more dependent on the structure are required to prove correctness, however, the Working Group believes that these tests provide a good indication of the interoperability of XML Schema based databinding tools.

In the above reports:

(Green) indicates the service responded with a message equivalent to the request message.
(Red) indicates the service responded with a message different to the request message.
(White) indicates the test was not run. Often this is because the toolkit was unable to consume the XML Schema or WSDL document.


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