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Results of Questionnaire Registration for the Second WSDL 2.0 Interoperability Event (2006-11-14/2006-11-18 in Dinard, France)

The results of this questionnaire are available to anybody. In addition, answers are sent to the following email addresses: youenn.fablet@crf.canon.fr, jonathan@wso2.com, Tony.Rogers@ca.com

This questionnaire was open from 2006-10-11 to 2006-11-10.

10 answers have been received.

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  1. Attendance
  2. What organisation will you represent?
  3. Social Event

1. Attendance

What days do you plan to attend the meeting?


ChoiceAll responders
I will attend every day 9
Other (details below) 1
I won't attend (detail your reasons below)


Responder AttendanceComments
Philippe Le Hégaret I will attend every day
Arthur Ryman I will attend every day
Jonathan Marsh I will attend every day
Jean-Jacques Moreau I will attend every day
Eran Chinthaka I will attend every day
Keith Chapman I will attend every day I will attend the event representing WSO2
John Kaputin I will attend every day
Paul Downey Other (details below) Unable to stay for Saturday, but plan to attend Tuesday-Friday. Am arranging to bring a colleague who will be able to assist.
Youenn Fablet I will attend every day
Otu Ekanem I will attend every day Not saturday

2. What organisation will you represent?

If your organisation is not a W3C Member, please indicate below what organisation you will represent if any.


Responder What organisation will you represent?
Philippe Le Hégaret W3C
Arthur Ryman
Jonathan Marsh
Jean-Jacques Moreau Canon
Eran Chinthaka WSO2
Keith Chapman
John Kaputin IBM and the Apache Woden project
Paul Downey
Youenn Fablet
Otu Ekanem

3. Social Event

The host organizes a social event on Thursday evening (November 16). There will be a visit of Mont Saint-Michel. Please, indicate if you would like to attend the event.


ChoiceAll responders
yes 10


Responder Social Event
Philippe Le Hégaret yes
Arthur Ryman yes
Jonathan Marsh yes
Jean-Jacques Moreau yes
Eran Chinthaka yes
Keith Chapman yes
John Kaputin yes
Paul Downey yes
Youenn Fablet yes
Otu Ekanem yes

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