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Agenda for 3 June 2002 TAG teleconference

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Note: The Chair does not expect the agenda to change after close of business (Boston time) Thursday of this week.

But then DanC edited it to put action items in context.

Regrets: Stuart, Ian

1. Administrative (15min)

  1. Accept 27May minutes
  2. Accept this agenda
  3. proposed: to meet again 10 Jun

1.1 New issues?

ACTION TB 2002/05/27: Respond to Rob Lanphier on the list asking for more detail in his issue request. done 28May

2. Technical (75min)

2.1 Findings in progress, architecture document (25min)

See also: findings.

ACTION IJ 2002/03/18: Integrate/combine one-page summaries (Revised)

ACTION TBL 2002/05/05: Negotiate more of IJ time for arch doc

ACTION CL 2002/05/05: Add concern regarding non-western characters to the POST scenario (issue whenToUseGet-7)

ACTION DO/TB/CL 2002/05/05: Polish up DO's .1-level draft and find out what's going on with XForms

ACTION NW 2002/05/20: Draft a finding for formattingProperties-19; find out source of issue from CSS WG.

ACTION IJ 2002/05/20: Revise and publish whenToUseGet-7 finding Also, per 27 May teleconf, action to incorporate comments from SW. Discussion postponed until 10 June since IJ not at 3 June meeting, update still pending.

  1. Confirm completed status of Internet Media Type registration, consistency of use.
    This resolves issue w3cMediaType-1. Open pieces remain for customMediaType-2 use of "+xml" convention? Do all "shoulds" of RFC 3023 section 7.1 apply? (~5min)
  2. QNames as Identifiers (issue qnamdAsId-18). (~5min)

2.2 Priority issues (50min)

  1. Finalize TAG position on charmodReview-17. (~20min)
  2. Status of URIEquivalence-15. Relation to Character Model of the Web (chapter 4)? (~20min)
  3. If we get here: httpRange-14, namespaceDocument-8

Ian Jacobs, for TimBL
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