W3C Interaction Domain

W3C Delivery Context Workshop

Monday/Tuesday, 4/5 March 2002

Venue: INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, 2004, route des Lucioles - B.P. 93 06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

Index of all submitted position papers

Draft Agenda

as at 3 March 2002

MONDAY, 4 March 2002
Time Topic What Who
9:00-9:05 Introductions Welcome to INRIA and local arrangements Stephane Boyera
(Workshop Manager)
9:05-9:10 Introduce Committee and workshop goals
Request minute-takers
Roger Gimson
(Workshop Co-Chair)
9:10-9:30 Participants introduce themselves all
9:30-10:00 Presentation:
Delivery Context and Device Independence
Device Independence Principles
Delivery Context Requirements
Open issues
Roger Gimson
HP Laboratories
Position paper
10:00-10:30 Standards evolution Presentation:
History of Content Negotiation in Network Protocols
Larry Masinter
Adobe Systems
Position paper
10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-11:30 Standards evolution (cont.) Presentation:
Johan Hjelm
Position paper
11:30-12:00 Presentation:
Mikael Nilsson
12:00-12:30 Presentation:
Abbie Barbir
Nortel Networks
12:30-13:00 What are the hot topics? Discussion all
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:15 Profiles and Vocabularies Presentation:
CC/PP and UAProf: Issues, Improvements and Future Directions
Mark Butler
HP Laboratories
Position paper
14:15-14:30 Presentation:
Composite Profile Information
Andreas Schade
IBM Research
Position paper
14:30-14:45 Presentation:
Delivery Context in MPEG-21
Sylvain Devillers
Philips Research
Position paper
14:45-15:00 Presentation:
Standard Vocabularies
Martin Jones
Volantis Systems
Position paper
15:00-15:30 Topics to be decided Discussion in groups
15:30-15:45 Break
16:00-17:00 Topics to be decided Discussion in groups
17:00-17:30 Report back from discussion groups group representatives
17:30 Session ends

There will be a Workshop Dinner at Hotel Mediathel, Sophia Antipolis on Monday evening starting at approximately 19:30, however participants must arrange their own transport.

TUESDAY, 5 March 2002
Time Topic What Who
9:00-9:30 Introduction Presentation:
Device Independence within W3C
Current status
Relationship to other groups
Kazuhiro Kitagawa
W3C/Keio University
Position paper
9:30-9:45 Authoring and Adaptation Presentation:
Using CSS to achieve device-independence
Bert Bos
Position paper
9:45-10:00 Presentation:
Device Independent User Interfaces
Walter Dees
Philips Research
Position paper
10:00-10:15 Presentation:
Design Once and Render Everywhere?
Krishna Vedati
Position paper
10:15-10:30 Presentation:
Style Sheets for Context Adaptation
Michael Kraus
University of Munich
Position paper
10:30-10:45 Presentation:
Towards Semantic Web Document Engineering
Jacco van Ossenbruggen
Position paper
10:45-11:15 Break
11:15-12:30 Topics to be decided Discussion in groups
12:30-13:00 Report back from discussion groups group representatives
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:15 Negotiation, Modalities and Principles Presentation:
Universal Profiling for Content Negotiation and Adaptation in Heterogeneous Environments
Tayeb Lemlouma
INRIA Rhône Alpes
Position paper
14:15-14:30 Presentation:
Context classification for device-independent Web-Applications
Cedric Ulmer
SAP AG Corporate Research
Position paper
14:30-14:45 Presentation (to be confirmed):
Contextual Multi-Device Delivery
Venu Vasudevan
Motorola Labs
Position paper
14:45-15:00 Presentation (to be confirmed):
Customising Web Applications Towards Ubiquity
Wieland Schwinger
Software Competence Center Hagenberg
Position paper
15:00-15:30 Topic to be decided Discussion all
15:30-15:45 Break
15:45-16:30 Feedback to W3C Discussion in groups
16:30-17:00 Report back suggestions for W3C Device Independence Working Group group representatives
17:00 Workshop ends