Index of submissions

W3C Workshop on Delivery Context, 4-5 March 2002

The column indicating topics is only a rough guide to the content of the paper. The following, fairly arbitrary, topic names have been used: Adaptation, Authoring, Implementation, Modalities, Negotiation, Principles, Privacy, Profiles, Vocabularies.
Participant Author(s) Affiliation(s) Title Topic(s)
Art Barstow Art Barstow Nokia Position paper Principles, Vocabularies
Bert Bos Bert Bos W3C Using CSS to achieve device-independence Principles, Authoring(CSS)
Axel Busboom Axel Busboom Ericsson Eurolab Delivery Context and Privacy Privacy
Mark Butler Mark Butler HP Laboratories CC/PP and UAProf: Issues, Improvements and Future Directions Profiles(CC/PP,UAProf), Implementation
Eduardo Carrillo Eduardo Carrillo, Sergio H. Guerrero, German A. Pabón, J. Javier Samper, Javier Martínez Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga (COLOMBIA), Universidad de Valencia (SPAIN) Adapting content in a portal of academic information based on XML and PHP Implementation
Walter Dees Walter Dees Philips Research Device Independent User Interfaces Adaptation(stylesheets)
Sylvain Devillers Anthony Vetro, Sylvain Devillers Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Philips Research Delivery Context in MPEG-21 Vocabularies, Adaptation(MPEG-21), Profiles
Koichi Emura Koichi Emura Matsushita Mobile Network Research Laboratory Position paper Adaptation(MPEG-21)
Roger Gimson Roger Gimson HP Laboratories Using Delivery Context to Achieve Device Independence: Outstanding Issues Profiles, Vocabularies, Adaptation
Lynda Hardman Lynda Hardman, Jacco van Ossenbruggen CWI A Graphic Design Perspective on Processing Delivery Context Authoring, Adaptation(stylesheets)
Makoto Hirota Makoto Hirota Canon Modality description for MMI Modalities, Vocabularies
Johan Hjelm Johan Hjelm Ericsson Profiles and Contexts: Definitions, Applications, and Problems Principles, Adaptation, Profiles, Privacy
Martin Jones Martin Jones Volantis Systems Position Statement by Volantis Systems Ltd Vocabularies
Kazuhiro Kitagawa Kazuhiro Kitagawa W3C/Keio University CC/PP and P3P harmonization for privacy protection and explicit definition of server request Profiles(CC/PP), Privacy
Michael Kraus François Bry, Michael Kraus University of Munich Style Sheets for Context Adaptation Adaptation(stylesheets), Authoring(semantics)
Tayeb Lemlouma Tayeb Lemlouma, Nabil Layaïda INRIA Rhône Alpes Universal Profiling for Content Negotiation and Adaptation in Heterogeneous Environments Adaptation, Negotiation, Profiles
Stuart Lewis Stuart Lewis University of Wales CC/PP: from a developers perspective Implementation, Profiles(CC/PP)
Larry Masinter Larry Masinter Adobe Systems Position Paper: Device Independence Workshop on Delivery Context Principles, Adaptation, Vocabularies, Negotiation
Shinichi Matsui Shinichi Matsui Matsushita (Panasonic) Position paper Modalities
Christos Papachristos Christos Papachristos ICS-FORTH A CC/PP aware Apache Web Server Implementation, Profiles(CC/PP)
Andreas Schade Carl Binding, Reto Hermann, Andreas Schade IBM Research Composite Profile Information Profiles(CC/PP,UAProf), Implementation
Wieland Schwinger G.Kappel, W.Retschitzegger, E.Kimmerstorfer, B.Pröll, W.Schwinger, Th.Hofer, Ch.Feichtner Vienna University of Technology, University of Linz, Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Siemens Customising Web Applications Towards Ubiquity: The Notion and the Issues Negotiation, Authoring, Adaptation, Principles
Luu Tran Luu Tran Sun Microsystems Position paper Authoring, Profiles, Modalities
Cedric Ulmer Cedric Ulmer, Markus Lauff, Axel Spriestersbach SAP AG Corporate Research Context classification for device-independent Web-Applications Authoring, Profiles(taxonomies)
Jacco van Ossenbruggen Jacco van Ossenbruggen CWI Towards Semantic Web Document Engineering Adaptation(stylesheets), Authoring(semantics)
Venu Vasudevan Venu Vasudevan Motorola Labs Contextual Multi-Device Delivery Modalities
Krishna Vedati Krishna Vedati Covigo Design Once and Render Everywhere? Modalities, Vocabularies, Authoring(markup)
Toshihiko Yamakami Toshihiko Yamakami ACCESS Position paper Modalities
Monica Gemo Monica Gemo, Jean Vanderdonckt, Murielle Florins, Benoit Macq University of Louvain SALAMANDRE: a Context-Aware Architecture for designing Multiple User Interfaces based on CC/PP profiles Authoring