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ACTION-213 (edit) pending review Prepare 18 April 2013 Telcon Agenda Noah Mendelsohn 2013-04-16 weekly
ACTION-672 (edit) pending review Work with PLH to create W3C-sponsored registry of HTML extensions, and get that referenced from HTML media type registration, per Jeni Tennison 2012-11-06
ACTION-725 (edit) pending review With help from Peter, to create big picture overview coming out of analysis of TAG effectiveness Jeni Tennison 2012-11-20
ACTION-815 (edit) pending review invite Anssi to present on DAP/Sysapps on future telcon Daniel Appelquist 2013-06-15
ACTION-836 (edit) pending review Invite tim and doug to join a tag call Daniel Appelquist 2013-10-09 JSON-FU
ACTION-862 (edit) pending review Incoporate comments on guide and put it into respec… Domenic Denicola 2014-04-09

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