Notes on Agenda for
11 June 2011 W3C TAG F2F

Note: the (X) markings near some items are the chair's private tracking marks...other readers can ignore them. Thank you.

Top Priorities

More details on these are provided in the sections below.

Required Reading

Note: this list is incomplete...expect more required reading to be announced.

Available today:

Expected soon:

Not sure whether these are coming or not:

Administration and future meetings

General Topics

(X) HTML & HTML/XML Unification

Web Applications

(X) Metadata and HTTP semantics

Core mechanisms of the Web

Not scheduled for the F2F

The chair proposes not to schedule discussion of the following at the F2F

To do

This is the chair's personal (and partial) "to do" list for the F2F.

Noah Mendelsohn for the TAG
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