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TAG face-to-face meeting, 5-6 March 2007, Cambridge, MA, USA

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Meetin at a glance

Tues 6th March Agenda Minutes/Records
09:00-10:30 Administrivia (30min)
New Members, Charter, Purpose and Direction (60min)
11:00-12:30 Issues List Review (Stuart)
14:00-15:30 Self Describing Web (Noah/Henry)
16:00-17:30 Self Describing Web - continued (Noah/Henry)
NamespaceDocument-8 (Norm)
Weds 7th March
09:00-10:30 NamespaceDocument-8 - continued (Norm)
11:00-12:30 TagSoupIntegration-54 (Raman/Dan)
14:00-15:30 TagSoupIntegration-54 - continued (Raman/Dan)

1. Logistics

(also separate Logistics page)

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
32 Vassar St.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Directions, more directions, map

Tel: +1 (617) 253 2613 (W3C Main line)

The meeting will be located in the CSAIL Boardroom (room 601), located off a corridor between the Gate and Dreyfoos towers on the 6th floor.

Tue 6 March: 09:00 - 17:30
Wed 7 March: 09:00 - 15:30

2. Recommended readings

3. Agenda

3.1. Administrative (~30min)

  1. Convene: take roll, review and agree agenda
  2. Regrets: DaveO (partial?), Ed Rice
  3. Appoint: scribes for the two days
    Tue am: NW, pm: DC, Wed am: HT, pm: NM
  4. Approve: minutes of previous teleconference (26 Feb.)
  5. Next f2f: should we pencil a date (around May-June 2007) and Bay Area Location - the chair expects to make a concrete proposal.

3.2. New Members, Charter Review, Purpose and Direction (~60min)


The TAG charter describes the mission of the TAG as:

"The mission of the TAG is stewardship of the Web architecture. There are three aspects to this mission:

  1. to document and build consensus around principles of Web architecture and to interpret and clarify these principles when necessary;
  2. to resolve issues involving general Web architecture brought to the TAG;
  3. to help coordinate cross-technology architecture developments inside and outside W3C."

A few reflective questions:

3.3 Issues List Review (Stuart)

Review pending actions

Reassign issues owned by those who will be leaving.

3.4 Self Describing Web (Noah/Henry)


3.5 Issue namespaceDocument-8 (Norm)


3.6 Issue tagSoupIntegration-54 (Raman/Dan)

Description of the Issue

Stuart Williams for TAG
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