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Use Wiki for your data, too! This is kind of a SemanticWeb idea.

Just be sure you don't trust that data any more than you would trust other Wiki content. It might be broken at any point by anyone for any reason. But hopefully, most of the time, people will improve it rather than break it.

Some applications:

  be published and group-maintained here.   Tools could 
  look for it here.  Some tools might automatically
  generate some Wiki pages based on the contents of other
  Wiki pages.   Keeping that straight will get a bit tricky;
  should it be client side or server side?   See 
  DynamicWikiContent. yeah... can we have topics that
  stand for RDFS classes and properties? Hmm... HashVsSlash and ContentNegotiationWorryPile and EmbeddingRDFinHTML and all that
  it seem that python's sandbox rexec 
  is broken.
  • MoinMoin loads XSLT stylesheets from pages to format other pages in XML format (currently broken as of Date(2003-03-29T08:21:51), unless you use a very old version of 4Suite)

Technical Notes:

  •  ?action=raw is necessary to get rid of the HTML translation/decoration process
  • some hacks involving { { { are necessary to make pages look okay when seens as HTML
  • some communal mime.types file could be used by the server to give the right
  Content-Type on ?action=raw output
  • maybe have wiki stop escaping "." as _2e