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TPAC Breakout: Web of Things

Hosts: Rich Tibbett, Jacques Bourhis, Dave Raggett

Time: Wednesday 13th November, Afternoon (2PM)

Location: TPAC Main Hall

IRC and Scribing


  • Nature of the Session: How do we advertise, discover and connect the next billion internet-enabled devices to web pages? What is the current state-of-the-art, immediate priorities and outstanding issues for such an initiative to succeed? We will start with a short summary of some of the proposals currently being worked on at the W3C (things like the Network Service Discovery API, NFC API, current plans for Bluetooth connectivity, indoor location sensing, beacons, the role of Cloud computing for scalable solutions for open markets of services, and other initiatives). Then we can open the floor for other attendees to share their own thoughts and ideas.
  • Goals:
    • Are W3C working on the right things?
    • Are there other connected-devices topics the W3C should be working on?
    • Roadmaps and next steps.


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