Webauthn adoption

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Collaborative space for the WebAuthn Adoption Community Group

webauthn-adoption github organization:

WebAuthn Adoption Challenges Landscape

For real-time interactions, we use the #practical-webauthn channel on the W3C Community slack instance.


The group meets every other week on Mondays at 4pm UTC (see call logistics and calendar invite).


  • Sep 7 (at risk due to US Labor day)


  • August 24th: Setting up practical webauthn; proof of concept for WebAuthn CI
  • August 10th: Relationship between FIDO test suite and WebAuthn CI test suite
  • July 29th: Building a Continuous Integration test suite for WebAuthn projects
  • July 13th: Planning for Practical WebAuthn project
  • June 29th: iOS14 & WebAuthn, conformance testing and CI set up, design document
  • June 15th: Wireframe project (now known as "Practical WebAuthn") logistics
  • June 1st: Set up for the wireframe project
  • May 18: HowToFido guide and wireframe project
  • May 5: how to help developers get started