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This is the Meeting Page including Agenda for the Web Performance WG (WebPerf) Mini-Workshop in Shenzhen China 14 November 2013. This meeting is part of the W3C's Annual TPAC Meeting week. This is not a formal W3C Workshop, but rather an opportunity for people attending TPAC who are interested in performance to provide the Working Group with feedback.

Anyone may add Potential Topics to this document, feel free to send an e-mail to the group's public-web-perf mail list as well.

This Workshop is open to all TPAC attendees. No need to register in advance but you can add your name in the attendees list below if you want.


The goal of the Web Performance Working Group is to provide methods to enhance aspects of application performance of user agent features and APIs. The Group is currently looking for use cases and ideas for its third chartered period.

We're looking for general feedback on some of the ideas currently being worked on in the Working Group. Have a look at the list of documents produced by the Working Group. In particular, we'd like ideas to resolve some of our issues:

  • How can CDNs get web browser diagnostics information on hosted web applications, without modifying the Web Applications themselves (ie no markup or script in-source insertion)
  • How can site developers get frame rate and throughput of the display type of information
  • How can site operators smoothly scroll the viewport in the same way users can through the UI and monitor the scrolling performance. This will enable operators to properly benchmark and test their site's scrolling performance.

In addition, we look forward to your input on high-priority performance issues that we need to address to ensure the broad deployment of the Open Web Platform. How can one produce a 60fps Web application without being a Web guru? It's easy on the native platforms, can we make it as easy on the Web platform?

Potential Topics

Add your topic here if you want to present during the mini-workshop, and/or just show up in the room and we'll add on the schedule if time allows.

  • benchmark for SPDY and HTTPS, Kensaku Komatsu, Sho Yamamura (NTT Communications)
    • We'll show a benchmark result for SPDY and HTTPS. In our research, performance for SPDY and HTTPS are reversed when NW conditions (e.g. latency, loss late) and resource size changes.


This meeting will be conducted in unconference style, without an agenda in advance. Please add your proposed topics above.

Raw Minutes

  • [@TBD November 14]

Meeting Logistics

  • Meeting Host = W3C
  • IRC channel = #webperf; irc.w3.org:6665
  • Dates = November 14-15 2013
  • Time = from 5pm to 7pm, local time
  • Location = Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House
  • Meeting Room = @TBD
  • Phone Conference Bridge: W3C's Zakim Bridge will be used if needed. +1.617.761.6200; see also Zakim SIP Bridge; PIN = @TBD

Meeting Registration

This Workshop is open to all TPAC attendees.

Specifications, Documents and References


Please add your name below if there is a chance you'll join us. Registration is not mandatory however so feel free to show up even your name doesn't appear here.

  • Jatinder Man
  • Arvind Jain
  • Philippe Le Hegaret
  • Pan Deng
  • Mark Nottingham
  • Alois Reitbauer
  • Daniel Austin
  • David Ezell