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This is an archived WebSchemas proposal Software Applications schema for schema.org. See Proposals listing for more. Note: active schema.org development is now based at github

This page is about the "Software Application" proposal for schema.org, as discussed in the Web Schemas group.

The bulk of the proposal is (currently) in a PDF; see attached file.

SoftwareApplication schema.org proposal

It defines a use of several properties of Thing and CreativeWork for use with Software Applications. It defines a class SoftwareApplication with 20 properties, and a couple of subclasses, MobileApplication and WebApplication (each with just one custom property). The proposal comes from work on Google Rich Snippets; see Google's documentation on earlier drafts of the vocabulary. It also defines an enumeration of various sub-types (e.g. ShoppingApplication, SportsApplication, FinanceApplication); these might remain Snippets-only vocabulary if it isn't agreed to include these in schema.org.

Proposal PDF: File:Schema.org-SoftwareApplicationsV2.pdf

See also: announcement on public-vocabs list.

Additional Types

Note that the original proposal here included a set of types. These are not currently scheduled to be added to schema.org, although it should (work-in-progress, e.g. see external enumerations) be possible to reference them. For convenience, here is a copy of the list:

GameApplication, EntertainmentApplication, BusinessApplication, MultimediaApplication, DeveloperApplication, DriverApplication, EducationApplication, HealthApplication, TravelApplication, FinanceApplication, SecurityApplication, BrowserApplication, CommunicationApplication, DesktopEnhancementApplication, DesignApplication, HomeApplication, SocialNetworkingApplication, UtilitiesApplication, ReferenceApplication, SportsApplication, ShoppingApplication, MedicalApplication, OtherApplication.

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