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This is an archived WebSchemas proposal Quotation for schema.org. See Proposals listing for more. Note: active schema.org development is now based at github

Quotation schema for schema.org

Update (2014-08-04): schema drafted on github for discussion. See test site.

This is a draft proposal for a Quotation schema, as an addition to schema.org.

The goal is to be able to describe excerpts from larger works, and give some key information to help contextualize - such as associated people, events, places.

  • Add a new type Quotation, a subtype of CreativeWork. Description "A quotation from some work, attributable to real world author and - if associated with a fictional character - to any fictional Person." This would typically use 'name', 'description', from Thing; 'author' from CreativeWork.
  • Some mechanism for referencing the source or origin, i.e. the place (book, film, essay, etc.) in which the quotation appeared. Note that CreativeWork has 'isBasedOnUrl' (which should perhaps be simply an isBasedOn relationship; so let's add a property with that name too)
  • The date the quotation was made can be expressed with 'dateCreated'or 'datePublished' from CreativeWork; probably latter is best. These take a Date value.
  • spokenByCharacter, a new property for Quotation. "the (e.g. fictional) character to whom the quotation is attributed within the containing CreativeWork."
  • To describe the subject of the quotation, for example- love, art, math, we use existing CreativeWork constructs. Broad topics can be expressed with 'keywords' from CreativeWork ... or for more precise reference to topics (related people, places, things), the 'about' property is available.
  • incorrectlyAttributedTo - relates a quotation to a Person that the quotation is often mistakenly attributed to.

Three new utility properties that attach to CreativeWork but are particularly relevant here:

  • aboutEvent - Relates a CreativeWork (e.g. a Quotation) to an event it describes. e.g. The Mutiny on the Bounty
  • fromEvent - Relates a CreativeWork (e.g. a Quotation) to an event at which it was spoken, e.g. The Mutiny on the Bounty
  • addressee - Relates a CreativeWork (e.g. a Quotation) to a Person or Organization that it was addressed to.


  • It has been suggested that incorrectlyAttributedTo may not supply a lot of good data and that "sometimes people confuse mis-attribution for lack of evidence " -jg
  • Could an addressee be more than a Person? I am thinking of speeches, which may be delivered to an organization or some amorphous group. (Vicki Tardif Holland)
    • have added another expected type, "Organization"
    • Q: For quotations addressed to amorphous audiences (e.g. 'sermon on the mount'), can we associate an event somehow instead?
  • (via Quotations book), " something along the lines of source type I think e.g. from a movie, speech, radio show, etc. ?"
    • (can't we get this indirectly from the associated CreativeWork?)

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