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QA schema research

This page provides background research on QA-oriented schemas, beginning with Stack Overflow's data model, as input into WebSchemas and schema.org work on vocabularies for discussion, QA etc.

Stack Overflow data model

See also API docs.

Comments inline on possible representation within schema.org.


This would be a type, subtype of http://schema.org/CreativeWork . See fields marked todo for possible new properties.


Comment (applies to Question or Answer)

Exists as schema.org/Comment

Numbering properties

We need a convention for naming properties which refer to the number of something (e.g. number of comments). Schema.org feature several inconsistent conventions for naming the properties. See a list of terms which include "num". Among these, the relevant properties are:




SIOC uses the num_something convention:

  • num_authors
  • num_items
  • num_replies
  • num_threads
  • num_views

Proposal for schema.org: adopt the numSomething convention (e.g. numTracks). The following renaming will have to be made:

  • numberOfEpisodes -> numEpisodes
  • numberOfPages -> numPages
  • numberOfSeasons -> numSeasons
  • numberofEmployees -> numEmployees

Nearby issues

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out of scope for v1

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