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Copied from http://www.w3.org/community/schemabibex/wiki/Schema_CreativeWork_Relationships Feb13.

From a call danbri/eric miller. Goal was to find out how close the proposed bibextend properties are to those being developed in bibframe, e.g. for refining names, descriptions, or showing how schema.org descriptions can be extended with other vocabularies.

Model: both schema.org and bibframe avoid having explicit FRBR-like distinctions at the type level, i.e. no Work/Expression/Manifestation/Item set of types. In bibframe, there is a type for the more work-like end of the spectrum, and for the more tangible end: concept ("Work") and carrier ("Instance"). The bibextend creativework-to-creativework relationship types are similar to bibframe's relationships (between combinations of work and instance).

Property Expected Type Description Note Bibframe mapping notes
workExample CreativeWork Example/instance/realization/derivation of the concept of this creative work. eg. The paperback edition, first edition, or eBook. From SchemaBibEx proposal similar to hasInstance
commonEndeavor CreativeWork CreativeWork the content of which can be thought of as arising from the same creative act that created this CreativeWork. From SchemaBibEx proposal similar to relatedWork
basedOn CreativeWork A derivative of the content of the work. eg. The Musical West Side Story is based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet ... similar to basedOn (not sure status)
adaptionOf CreativeWork An adaptation of the content of the work. eg. Romeo and Juliet the movie is an adaption of Romeo and Juliet the play ... equivalentProperty: hasDerivative
alternateFormat CreativeWork A related work that is substantially the same as this work, but in another format. eg. The movie on DVD, Blu-ray, or via streaming. Book in large print or Braille. eBook for a different reader. Video with added sub-titles or sign language ... An instance-to-instance relationship; similar to relatedInstance
hasTranslation CreativeWork A related work that is a translation of this work. ... similar to translation (check directionality)