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The Browser Testing and Tools Working Group will meet at TPAC in Lyon, France.

Observers are welcome to attend our group meeting. If any observers are interested in participating in the work on the test suite or joining the group, we will happily assist with this.

The meeting will be minuted to the #webdriver IRC channel. All participants and observers are encouraged to join this channel in advance.


Unknown at this time.


The agenda will align with the overall TPAC agenda for group meetings:


We are meeting Thursday and Friday from 09:00 CEST.

The formal bits of the agenda will be split between technical discussions and concrete work on the specification and the conformance test suite. As we finish the technical discussions, we move on to work on the spec and the test suite.


  • 09:00: Introductions
  • 09:15: State of the union (Simon/David)
    • Implementation update from vendors
  • 09:45: Set the agenda
  • 09:50: MDN Documentation
  • 10:00: BREAK
  • 10:30: Bi-directional communication and CDP and New commands for enhanced browser automation (DevTools)
  • 12:00: BREAK
  • 1:30: Use Cases for Bi-Directional Communication
    • Logging
  • 3:00: BREAK
  • 3:30: Charter
  • 4:00: 'Upgrade' path from WebDriver to Bi-Directional Communication


  • 9:30: Project Governance (Documentation of Proposal Lifecycle)
  • 9:45: Changes to Actions APIs (scrollTo)
  • 10:15 BREAK
  • 10:45: Opening a new top-level browsing context
  • 11:00: Add endpoint for {Get,Set} Window State
  • 12:00: LUNCH
  • 1:30: Element send keys (action primitives)
  • 1:50: Improving interactability checks for hidden file upload controls
  • 2:45: New command endpoint for file uploads
  • 3:00: BREAK
  • 3:30: Review all commands to ensure if user prompt handler has to be called or not
  • 3:40: HTTP Authentication dialogs, and how to handle them
  • 4:00: Asynchronous New Session
  • 4:15: Command Pipelining
  • 4:30: Clarify the expected behavior with multiple alerts executing a script

Topic bank

  • Shadow DOM support in WebDriver
  • Appium discussion (re: Standardizing/Documenting)
  • Adding header to allow sending WebDriver request from the browser
  • Team photo :)

Meeting Minutes