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The Browser Testing and Tools Working Group will meet in 19-20 September at TPAC in Lisbon, Portugal

Observers are very welcome to attend our group meeting. If any observers are interested in participating in the work on the test suite or joining the group, we will happily assist with this.

The meeting will be minuted to the #webdriver IRC channel. All participants and observers are encouraged to join this channel in advance.

The git repo of the spec can be found here:

The current specification can be found here:

Our currently open issues can be found here:


The agenda will align with the overall TPAC agenda for group meetings:


We are meeting Monday and Tuesday from 09:00 in Room 1.09, First Floor. Although we can occupy the rooms until 18:00, we will round off a bit earlier and have slightly longer breaks than specified, to leave room for informal discussions between group members and observers.

The formal bits of the agenda will be split between techinical discsusions and concrete work on the specification and the conformance test suite.



  • 9:30am:
  • Process with PLH
  • Handshake between open source and the w3c implementation (strictness)
  • Status endpoint
  • Plans for a test suite
  • Supporting Promises in (synchronous) executeScript [1]
  • Get Text proposal.
  • Discuss sendKeys() more to determine best course of action for UNICODE entry - likely after lunch but need to check with Apple and Google for participants
  • Extensions automation via WebDriver (v2) https://github.com/w3c/webdriver/compare/master...MicrosoftEdge:johnjan/extensions
    • Did not do a full pull request because this is V2 and I don't want to muddy the waters
    • I fully recognize that I keep pushing us to stop adding things :-)
  • Beer