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When and Where

13th and 14th July, 2016 The meeting room is booked from 10am until 6pm each day. You can park right out front of building 115 in the visitor parking if you drive. Meet in the lobby/reception of building 115 at 9:45am, the doors will be unlocked. Clay and John will get you all 'visitor' badges. You will not be asked to sign an NDA in order to get that badge, but you will need to have an escort.

Microsoft Building 115

14855 NE 36th St, Redmond, WA 98052

When You Arrive

We have Uber, but they are not allowed at the Airport, so they are great for getting around Redmond or Seattle. However, you should take a Taxi directly to your hotel or catch the Monorail into Downtown and then a bus or Taxi across the lake to Microsoft.

I recommend just taking a Taxi from the Airport, or coordinating a Shuttle amongst other travelers if possible.

Hotel Recommendations

Lunch and Coffee

The Commons has a wide variety of coffee and food. There are about 20 different restaurants, café style. We can easily walk there.


  • Actions
    • Finalize protocol design
    • Key Event keyboard layout issues
    • Pointer Events model / implementation strategy
  • Input locality (keyboard layout)
    • Concerns: Local vs. remote layouts
  • New Session
    • Proposal for a non-capabilities top-level item for browser related options
    • Proposal to return a capability to identify remote end as WebDriver conformant
  • Self-signed/untrusted certificates:
    • Should we implicitly accept them or not?
    • If we do, should there be a switch to turn this behaviour off?
    • Strawman proposals:
      • List of domains to trust self-signed certificates as browser capability/setting
      • API on profile object to add certificates
        • Concerns:
          • How to deal with devices? Write to disk? Set internally?
          • Will it interfere with root store and have persistent effects on future sessions?
  • Performance PM from Edge wants to chat
  • Navigation and URLs
    • Should it be possible to navigate to malformed URLs?
    • Proposal to be able to navigate to relative URIs
  • Window handling
  • Element retrieval
    • Performance concerns regarding using element by CSS as replacement for ID and name selectors
  • Review current spec and raise any issues with new sections
  • Evaluate current test coverage
  • Get new test coverage written to help cover/uncover issues
  • AOB
  • Next meeting (TPAC, Lisbon)
  • Extension testing
  • Send File

Other Open Bugs

Other bugs without resolution:

Seattle Itself

The Mariners have home games the weekend after the F2F. If you like Baseball, they play in an outstanding Stadium. Mariner's Schedule