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When and Where

7th and 8th July, 2014 The meeting room is booked from 10am until 6pm each day.

Facebook London, 10 Brock Street, London NW1 3FG (https://goo.gl/maps/UF4Lq)

The nearest tube station is Warren Street, and the nearest mainline station is Euston. There are several buses that stop near the office, including the 24, 27, 29, 88, 134 and 297. You can plan a route from your hotel using popular mapping services or from http://tfl.gov.uk.

If you get lost on the way, feel free to call Wilhelm at +47 97723641.

When You Arrive

There is a building reception on the ground floor of Brock Street, on the left hand side. Sign in there, then hop in one of the blue lifts to the 8th floor and the Facebook reception (yes, yes, yes. Two receptions. It's a building shared with many other companies). Ask for Simon Stewart, and I'll meet you at reception and bring you to our meeting room.

Lunch and Coffee

Lunch will be provided in the canteen at work. It's free and varied, with vegetarian and proper options available. There's a micro-kitchen with snacks and good, free coffee available close to the meeting room, so you're not going to go hungry during the breaks.

The nearest good coffee shop to the office is located on Tottenham Court Road (there may be a Starbucks that's closer), but there's a subsidized coffee shop near the canteen so you don't need to step outside.


Other Open Bugs

Other bugs without resolution:

  • Bug 25148 - Provide ability to change a mutable capability value "on the fly"
  • Bug 24832 - Remote end MUST listen on both local and remote network interfaces?
  • Bug 24847 - [WebDriver Spec]: Extend the find-by-link-text location strategy to apply to all elements
  • Bug 24976 - Section 2.6.1 states that every request and response should have a Json payload; is that what we want?
  • Bug 24988 - It might be better to have 'fullscreenWindow' throw 'unsupported operation' if fullscreen is unsupported
  • Bug 25008 - Add delete cookie method
  • Bug 25012 - Add timeout getter methods
  • Bug 25013 - Remove or change misleading Character types
  • Bug 25014 - Should sendKeys just take a string rather than string[]?
  • Bug 25096 - Mapping commands to protocol should be protocol-neutral
  • Bug 25100 - [WebDriver Spec]: Change suggestion: include timeout parameter with executeAsyncScript
  • Bug 25106 - Specific Response type when modal dialog is opened on page load command
  • Bug 25286 - Define whether pixel-based operations occur using device pixels or CSS reference pixels
  • Bug 25694 - 16.2 section isn't needed as it's possible to take screenshot of "html"/"body"
  • Bug 22653 - Container visibility when children are visible, but parent is hidden