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HCLS Tutorial at CSHALS 2010


  • Introduction to HCLS - M. Scott Marshall
    • 6 task forces
    • HCLSIG members
    • W3C
    • interactions with SPARQL, OWL, RDB2RDF
  • Health Care Use Case - Vipul Kashyap
    • patient recruitment inefficiencies
    • addressable through centralization (Kaiser Permanente) or data interface (COI Demo)
    • clinical protocol in English
    • screenshot of clinical protocol in COI demo
    • COI Demo
    • policy (access control) work continues
  • Pharma Use Case - Elgar Pichler
    • intro e.g. Patient Use Case, step 5
    • does patient X have SNPs and/or concurrrent medication relevant to AZ?
    • map of required data sources
    • TMO view of that data
    • next steps
  • Scientific Discourse Use Case - Tim Clark
    • @@ how to make this a use case?
    • SNPs relevant to AZ
    • supporting/conflicting theories
  • Terminology Considerations - John Madden
    • terms involved in pharma use case
    • landscape of terms
    • investment and utility of current term sets
    • adoption into SemWeb
    • next steps
  • Federated Query - Kei Cheung
    • interesting questions span disparate data sources
    • question (e.g. 7tm or more recent)
    • who has the data, how do you find it?
    • tools used
    • re-applicability of tools

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