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My name is Marcel van Mackelenbergh. My background is in cognitive psychology. I was educated in the Russian learning psychology. I learned how Vygotski applied Hegel's concept of consciousness to learning psychology. Hegel stated that consciousness is a functional representation of reality.

I work in the dutch tax office where I make sure that my customers understand the data they receive. My work area is the meaning of data, also known as semantics. My work is crucial when reusing data in another context than the context in which the data were created.

In my research I hope to show that data are mere opportunities to act and not so much a reflection of the real world. As a result, data reuse should focus on the common goal between the context in which the data were created and the goal in the context where the data is reused. I will use Activity Theory as a theoretical framework for my research. Activity Theory was brought forward by Vygotski, although that was not the name he used for it.