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Michel Dumontier Associate Professor of Bioinformatics in the Department of Biology, the Institute of Biochemistry and School of Computer Science at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) Co-Chair for the World Wide Web Consortium Semantic Web in Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (W3C HCLSIG)

Dr. Michel Dumontier's research aims to develop semantics-powered computational methods to increase our understanding of how living systems respond to chemical agents. At the core of the research program is the development and use of Semantic Web technologies to formally represent and reason about data and services so as (1) to facilitate the publishing, sharing and discovery of scientific knowledge produced by individuals and small collectives, (2) to enable the formulation and evaluation scientific hypotheses using our collective tools and knowledge and (3) to create and make available computational methods to investigate the structure, function and behaviour of living systems. Dr. Dumontier is the lead developer for the Semanticscience Integrated Ontology (SIO), which has been used to integrate data for the open-source Bio2RDF linked data for life sciences project and SADI semantic web services. He currently serves as an editor for the open-review Semantic Web Journal, and co-chairs the ISMB-affiliated Bio-Ontologies Special Interest Group and is a co-chair for the 2013 Semantic Trilogy (see consisting of the International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO), the Canadian Semantic Working Symposium (CSWS) and Data Integration in the Life Sciences (DILS). More information about him and his research can be found at