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The iPhone Is More Than Just A Mobile Device

Last 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone the whole world marveled and was amazed at such high end and revolutionary technology. The late founder of Apple said that this device would change everything. It did. It became the start of a rapidly evolving touch screen market of phones, tablets and computers. The iPhone put a great head start to all of the current technologies we are enjoying today.

The iPhone is a really solid device. If you own one, you will immediately notice how carefully crafted it is. The design is amazing and it was made to feel high end on your hands. In addition to that, it comes with the number one mobile operating system in the market, iOS. The iOS adds feature and functionality to the already brilliantly designed product. It is a wonderful combination and merging of both hardware and software to function really well. No wonder this became one of the most loved products of the past decade.

As of now, millions and millions of iPhones have been sold. People use it as their everyday mobile device. They use it for calls, texts, emails, web browsing and enjoying some apps. After all, it was made for that purpose. You can see a whole generation of youngsters carry their iPhones with them.

However, because of its iOS ecosystem that lives in a world of applications, the iPhone has been used differently by other people and industries. This makes it more than just a mobile device.

Here are some examples of how it is used in different industries.

Professional Journalists

Before the iPhone came, professional journalists like reporters, bloggers, writers, etc have relied on their computers and pen and paper for all their tasks and to-dos. You will usually see a writer carry a laptop, a reporter writing on a paper and so on. However, the iPhone brought a whole new generation of journalists that automate every work they have using just the device. This one tool could handle all their tasks with just a number of apps. Some even totally got rid of the pen and paper. It could handle their basic tasks from writing to reminders, emails, chats and more.

Medical Professionals

This digital revolution has also extended to the different medical professionals today. Doctors have incorporated the use of iPhones on their regular workflow. Some hospitals now use the iPhone for prescription, for recording and for other monitoring use. Some other accessories were even created so that the iPhone can totally be dedicated for use in the medical field.


Since the iPhone has attracted mostly the generation of the young especially the kids, teachers have used the device to make their lectures and activities more interesting. Just by using a few apps, the discussions with students and children amazingly become more interactive and entertaining. That is such a big leap to the traditional way of teaching.

Top Notch Security

This is one area of use for the iPhone that is not common for everybody. This device has already been used by top security agents and agencies to do their regular monitoring and tracking of people, places and events. It has allowed this industry to improve and be more effective with their work. It has been so successful for them that the iPhone spy software they are currently using are now available in the market for regular consumers. That could open up to more possible useful use later on.

The iPhone is truly a groundbreaking device. For some it may just be a mobile device. But, to a lot more people it is a tool that greatly helps them with their work, profession or just everyday activities. This is what they call the iPhone revolution.