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Aaron Parecki

Home page:

Preferred communication mechanisms


I am aaronpk on w3c and freenode. I am usually in the following channels:

  • #indieweb on freenode
  • #microformats on freenode
  • #social on w3c

My IRC client is always online, and if you mention my name while I'm AFK, I'll get a push notification on my phone. I often catch up on logs of these channels after I get back to a computer.


Feel free to send a webmention from a post of yours to my home page, or any of my posts. I'll get a push notification to my phone if I'm AFK. The easiest way to do this is to write a blog post or short note on your site and mention my website, If your site sends webmentions (or pingbacks) automatically, I will get the notification.


For project-specific questions, please use the issue tracker for the respective project. Also feel free to mention me in other threads on Github and I'll see those messages.

Urgent Messages

For things that require an immediate response, you can contact me on my phone directly:

  • iMessage:
  • Hangouts:
  • SMS: 503-567-8642 (This actually just forwards to Hangouts)


  • Please do not send me email.
  • I am not often reachable by phone, so if you need to talk, please contact me some other way and arrange a time to talk.