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What does a uri denote ?

Also called "Identity Crisis"

Pepper on IdentityCrisis


"duri" and "tdb" URN namespaces based on dated URIs Masinter April 17, 2004

Web Proper Names: Naming Referents on the Web Harry Halpin, Henry S. Thompson



  • Name
  • Concept
  • Web Location
  • Document instance

We may ignore this.

  • The document will always be at the web location. (I hope)
  • Document and concept don't have to be seperated as using different ontologies on the same url does seperate them.

example: You won't use foaf on a website URL, it only makes sense on people. So the website document is both "HTML document" and "Person". I think this can work. The problem is with User Interfaces: Which information shall a user interface filter and show ? -- LeoSu

Just because you can separate out the ambiguity with some predicates doesn't mean you can with all, or that it's a good idea. But thanks for angling it this way so I could see clear to write about OverloadedUri's. -- SandroHawke