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Joining details


12th and 13th January 2017 0900-1700 GMT.

See 0900 GMT on the 12th in your time zone.

We will aim to make the days reasonably full, for example starting at 0900 on 12th to allow time for arrival, setup etc and ending by 1600 on 13th to allow for return or onward travel, assuming all are able to make this schedule.


There is no fee associated with attending this meeting.

IRC and dial-in


server: irc.w3.org, port: 6665, channel: #tt Web gateway at http://www.w3.org/2001/01/cgi-irc


Hosted by the BBC in London, England.

Venue: Broadcast Centre, 201 Wood Lane, London W12 7TP. Link to this on Google maps

Nearest underground railway stations: White City on the Central line (red on tube maps), Wood Lane on the Hammersmith and City/Circle lines (salmon pink/yellow on tube maps). You want to head right out of the station, and cross to the other side of Wood Lane. Cross over South Africa Road and go up the diagonal path to the left of the grassy area; keep going to the end of the path, past Starbucks (if you find yourself outside Tesco you turned left when you should have gone straight on), Demeanour and Crussh and go through the revolving doors at the very end. Reception will help you from there.

I do not recommend that you drive but if you choose to and need a parking space please let me know and I will investigate the options.

Attendees and Registration

Registration is now closed for attendance in person at this meeting. Web attendance may still be possible - please contact the chair.

Name Organisation Arrive Depart Hotel Flight Comments/Special needs
Glenn Adams Skynav 0940 10JAN 1125 14JAN Landmark BA218/219
Dae Kim Netflix
Nigel Megitt BBC Vegetarian
Thierry Michel W3C
Andreas Tai IRT Vegetarian
Pierre-Anthony Lemieux MovieLabs


(This is only a placeholder for now)

  1. Finalise TTML 2 WD for wide review
  2. Discuss IMSC 1.1 and IMSC 2 FPWD
  3. (possibly) review TTML <--> WebVTT mapping


  1. Day 1 minutes: http://www.w3.org/2017/01/12-tt-minutes.html
  2. Day 2 minutes: https://www.w3.org/2017/01/13-tt-minutes.html


Specification Topics



The Chair has flagged some issues as Chair's Pick as requested, but all the issues are important...

IMSC v.next

_Urgent modifications to IMSC1 that do not result in existing IMSC1 implementations to be non-conformant_

Refine scope
  • Liaison feedback (member only links)
  • publish IMSC v.next as IMSC1 Second Edition (or something else?)
Review issues and pull requests

See [1]

Create publication roadmap

IMSC v.2 Scope

  • should IMSC2 be a proper subset of TTML2?
  • requiring HTML/CSS equivalence, including acceptable fallback
  • candidate features

IMSC Miscellaneous

Group Miscellaneous

  • Actions
  • Issues
  • San Francisco TPAC F2F


Day 1: 0900-1700


  • 0900 Introductions, coffee
    • 0930 : Agenda and working model for this meeting
  • 1000 TTML issues and changes
    • Status update on previously discussed and agreed issues
    • Review of recently closed issues
    • Spatial positioning
  • 1230 Lunch
  • 1330 TTML issues
  • 1500 Coffee
  • 1530 IMSC v.next scope and compatibility approach (with dial-in)
  • 1615 IMSC liaisons and changes
  • 1700 Meeting closes (day 1 of 2)

Day 2: 0900-1600


  • 0900 Meeting begins
  • 1230 Lunch
  • 1500 Coffee
  • 1700 Meeting closes (day 2 of 2)