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Joining details


09th and 10th April 2014 0900-1700 PDT.

See 0900 PDT on the 09th in your time zone.

We will aim to make the days reasonably full, for example starting at 0900 on 09th to allow time for arrival, setup etc and ending by 1700 on 10th to allow for return or onward travel, assuming all are able to make this schedule.



IRC and dial-in

Zakim Bridge 
+1.617.761.6200, conference 8865 ("TTML")
server: irc.w3.org, port: 6665, channel: #tt Web gateway at http://www.w3.org/2001/01/cgi-irc


Confirmed as Las Vegas, Nevada: Harrah's, Parlor B has been booked from 8am to 6pm on Apr 9 and 10 with kind sponsorship by Netflix.

Parlor B
Las Vegas

Map of Harrah's in Las Vegas

Internal map of Harrah's (PDF)


Please add your name to this table if you intend to come to this face to face meeting, and any special requirements

Name Organisation Arrive Depart Hotel Flight Comments
Glenn Adams Skynav 2015-04-08 2015-04-11 Harrah's .
Nigel Megitt BBC 2015-04-08 2015-04-11 Harrah's VIR43
Dae Kim Netflix 2015-04-08 2015-04-11
Thierry MICHEL W3C 2015-04-08 2015-04-11
Courtney Kennedy Apple 2015-04-08 2015-04-10 Vdara SW WN0421
Pierre-Anthony Lemieux representing MovieLabs 2015-04-08 2015-04-10 Paris
Andreas Tai IRT 2015-04-08
Loretta Guarino Reid Google 2015-04-10 2015-04-10


  1. Finalise IMSC 1 CR2
  2. Review IMSC 1 implementation report
  3. Finalise TTML 2 WD
  4. (possibly) review TTML <--> WebVTT mapping
  5. (possibly) Review and, unless there's a good reason otherwise, align semantics of new/in development features in TTML2 and WebVTT.


  1. Day 1 minutes: http://www.w3.org/2015/04/09-tt-minutes.html
  2. Day 2 minutes: http://www.w3.org/2015/04/10-tt-minutes.html



  • IMSC 1
    • Implementation Report and Test Suite
    • Next steps for exiting CR
    • Actions
    • Issues
  • TTML2
    • Actions
    • Issues
    • Changes relative to TTML1SE (in no particular order)
      • Profile semantics and syntax
      • Timing, especially in relation to media objects
        • ttp:timeBase="local" -> reference clocks?
        • Sequences of TTML documents, e.g. to use as samples in ISOBMFF etc
        • Sequences of ISDs
      • Spatial, especially in relation to media objects
        • ttp:pixelAspectRatio and ttp:storageAspectRatio
      • Layout
        • tts:position
        • inline regions
        • tts:ipd and tts:bpd
      • Scripts, glyphs, fonts etc
        • font matching algorithm
        • Rubys, text emphasis
        • Are there any scripts etc that are not accommodated by the FPWD semantics?
      • Embedded content
      • Condition structure
        • What are our requirements/use cases here?
        • Can we validate the condition approach in relation to those use cases?
      • Links
        • xlink
      • Metadata
        • named items
      • HTML/CSS mappings
    • Similarity between semantics of new TTML2 features and new WebVTT features
    • Is anything missing?
      • What have we deliberately deferred to v.next?
      • Are there any other features that members have not yet raised?
  • WebVTT
    • FPWD review feedback
    • Next steps
  • TTML <--> WebVTT mapping
    • Plan for making progress
  • Note on Live
    • Interest and contributions
  • TTML Recommendations snapshot
    • Interest and contributions

Day 1 0900-1700

  • 0900 Introductions
    • 0930 : Agenda and working model for this meeting
      • Day 1: TTML2 new features review
      • Day 2: IMSC 1 test suite and implementation report; WebVTT; actions and issues

Day 2 0900-1700

  • 09:00 IMSC 1 Test suite (and implementations?)
  • 11:00 WebVTT <--> TTML Mapping planning
  • WebVTT FPWD review feedback
  • Actions
  • Issues
  • Sapporo TPAC F2F