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The test framework must support:

  • automated test execution
  • selection of tests to be executed
  • operation in a privacy/NDA-enabling manner
  • control of result data upload
  • ... (add more)

For reference to additional requirements not given above, specific relevant aspects of this prior work are TBD:

testharness.js Improvements

These are suggestions to improve testharness.js to make it more appealing to developers used to working with Jasmine, qUnit, etc.

  • More JS-y API (camelcase rather than underscore.) Keep previous API for backwards comp. e.g.:
asyncTest(function(t) {
    object.someevent = function() {
        t.step(function (){assertTrue(true); t.done();});
}, "Simple async test");
  • More conventional order of args (again, keep previous API for backwards compat):
asyncTest("Simple async test", function(t) {
    // assertions go here.
  • Tests (apparently there are issues in some of the assertion methods)
  • Nicer rendering of results.
  • Documentation out of the src code and into the resource center.