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This is a notepad for the Resource Center Requirements deliverable.

Loosely based on: http://tobie.github.com/w3c-testing-plan/

There needs to be a centralized resource for all test-related activities at W3C. This should be a properly designed, branded and referenced website centered around three key activities:

  • writing tests,
  • running tests, and
  • consuming test results.

The resource center needs to:

  1. Display and provide an API to current and past (to measure progress) status of test coverage.
  2. Display and provide an API to current and past test results of different user agent.
  3. Host and instance of the Test Framework so that test suites can be run and their results cllected.
  4. Provide a system to sign-up to write test for specific specs (or part of specs),
  5. Host all test related documentation for:
    • specific W3C testing tools such as testharness.js,
    • any API,
    • downloading and running the test suites locally,
    • process for submitting, licensing and reviewing tests.
  6. Incentivize test authors and reviewers by showcasing them and through gamification.
  7. Integrate with specifications and webplatform.com to include test coverage info and implementation support directly into specs and docs (e.g. using a similar architecture as caniuse widgets).