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SWEO Community Project: Linking Open Data on the Semantic Web

Common Vocabularies / Ontologies / Micromodels

This page collects links to vocabularies, ontologies and micromodels that are commonly used to publish RDF data on the Semantic Web.

In order to make it easier for client applications to do something useful with your data, it is recommended to use terms from these vocabularies wherever they fit. Feel free to mix terms from different vocabularies and to extend the vocabularies with additional terms in your own namespace. The background of this 'term cherry-picking' approach is for example explained in this Gov 2.0 Expo 2010 video by TimBL.

The page is part of the community project SweoIG/TaskForces/CommunityProjects/LinkingOpenData

Commonly used Vocabularies

The State of the LOD Cloud document provides statistics about commonly used vocabularies (October 2010)

Blog post listing the 100 most common RDF namespaces (August 2006)

The paper Ding, Finin: Characterizing the Semantic Web on the Web gives an overview about which vocabularies were used in May 2006.

Vocabulary Listings

There are several sites collecting RDF vocabularies and OWL ontologies. Try to reuse these before inventing something new.

Vocabulary Mappings

Some vocabularies provide different URIs to describe equivalent (or more / less precise) resources. It seems important to define mappings (vocabulary links) between them.

Vocabulary Mapping Discovery

The Web of Data contains large amounts of instance data with instances being partly interlinked between data sources. The instance data as well as the connections can be used to mine vocabulary mappings (vocabulary links) from the Web of Data. Existing work is this space is:

Micromodels / Microformats

Microformats define schemata for embedding data into HTML pages. Data that is published using a microformat can be transformed to RDF using GRDDL. See Microformat FAQs for RDF Fans

Linking Properties

This section collects poposals on which properties to use to set links between different entities.