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Future updates

About the author

Picture of the article author Chris Heilmann

Photo credit: Bluesmoon

Chris Heilmann has been a web developer for ten years, after dabbling in radio journalism. He works for Yahoo! in the UK as trainer and lead developer, and oversees the code quality on the front end for Europe and Asia.

Chris blogs at Wait till I come and is available on many a social network as “codepo8”.

Not quite converted from <code> to <pre>?

In the exercise questions, it looks like the source document from Opera has had <code> elements converted to <pre> elements, but some of the </code> tags have been left in. I am not an expert (I visited the page to learn stuff) but it seems to me the page has fewer <code> opening tags than </code> closing tags. In fact there are no <code> tags.

The conversion of the second question looks particularly problematic, with the variable definitions ending up outside the boxes.

I tried a quick fix, but couldn't get it to work right in the edit preview.