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Note from Evan

Per our discussion on the telecon this afternoon, I've posted a first draft of some user stories on the wiki here.

I've tried to capture in narrative form with named actors the requirements from the Requirements page. I've tried to keep the user stories short (~5 steps), and keep them clustered around an functional theme.

This has usually been successful with the exception of the Groups user story, which has about 11 steps.

I also tried to capture some developer stories, to give an indication of how I think developers will use the standard and the APIs that implement it.

I think it's probably worthwhile to keep these to make evaluating API proposals easier.


  • Feel free to update the user stories.
  • Try to keep them roughly within the boundaries I've defined above (narrative form, ~5 steps, clustered around a theme)
  • Remember that API != UI. It's probably bad to assume that users will "push a button" or "go to a Web page".
  • Talk to me by email before reorganizing the entire page to meet your personal idea of "user story".
  • Don't add votes yet. These user stories are still in flux and it's going to be awkward if we have to work around your vote.

Thanks, --Evan Prodromou (talk) 05:24, 4 February 2015 (UTC)