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Lately I have been discussing this with Zazi (Bob Ferris) this ontology, since he created I have done today some significant edits to the article, also to match the current version of the draft, which should address few comments and be fairly compatible with Zazi's ontology. I would like to publish this ontology very soon, so please comment. I suppose is good place as any for the ontology, maybe getting a PURL might be good idea, what do you think? Zazi: feel free to explain the rationale behind your shortcut property extension, I don't quite get the need to for it.--Ji���­ Proch�¡zka 03:53, 31 October 2010 (UTC)

The PURL is right from the beginning

"the rationale behind your shortcut property extension":

prv:shortcut associates a shortcut relation property in a property reification definition (prv:PropertyReification instance) and prv:shortcut_property associates a shortcut property as it used in a reification class instance. As one can see in the N3 rules in the Property Reification Voabulary specification documentation this is used to match shortcut relation properties. prv:shortcut_property enables the flexibility to define property reification definitions on existing properties and classes and furthermore to vary the used properties between different property reification definitions, e.g. in one property reification definition a property is a shortcut property and in another a subject property. (Bob Ferris 10:05, 31 October 2010 (UTC))