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Discussion will be on IRC: #tvapis

Please check [IRC Logs]


What are the use cases the TF members expect to be solved?

Consensus on the need to do this within W3C, not outside, and to start from use cases and how they fit in the web standards:

  • define use cases
  • detail requirements
  • identify gaps between requirements and existing W3C recommendations
  • define additional requests to send to various WG

(Draft) use cases

1. "Channel"

We need a way to identify and access video sources coming from Broadcast sources. There are metadata needed (that might be different depending on broadcasting systems). Request Metadata TF to handle this.

2. recording 3. downloading 4. Device capability information / conflict detection

  • about number of decoders, ...
  • memory?
  • potential conflict ...
  • codecs

5. Channel List 6. CA and CI 7. Video output control

Next steps

  • Create Mailing list (GP)
  • Methodology proposal (calls, IRC, mailing list, ...) (GP/JCV)
  • Additional use cases input period for people who have new (late) ideas :)
  • Identify stakeholders for each use cases
  • Apply process described above


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