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Use Case: Using XML formalism to handle channels list

Submitter(s): MStar Semiconductor (JC Verdié),


  • high level description/overview of the goals of the use case

Provide a declarative approach to handle channels list in TV for web UI and/or application Usage

  • Schematic Illustration (devices involved, work flows, etc)


  • Implementation Examples (e.g. JS code snippets)
<dvb:channel id='chann1'>
<iptv:virtualChannel id='chann2'>
<iptv:channel id=‘chann2hd’>
<iptv:channel id=‘chann2sd’>


Today, channel management is handled in HTML Apps using specific JavaScript API, home brew or fetched from other groups such as OIPF Channel management is by nature a declarative process which turns out to be managed in a fully procedural ways with lot of additional code and processing and sometimes a duplicate storage of data (middleware list of services and web front-end database backup or cache)

  • Explanation of benefit to ecosystem

Provide a standardised communication between tuner middleware (whether they are ISDB, DVB, ATSC or others would not be relevant).

  • Why were you not able to use only existing standards to accomplish this?

Existing standards only provide a procedural approach to this data management, implying a lot of additional code in both the browser and the middleware, and a lot of re-processing of data, while the inner nature of structure data in XML is pinpoint aligned with channel management needs.

  • What might you suggest could be standardized?

We are proposing the W3C to work on a standardised XML scheme to describe a channel list with all needed items such as (the following list is not comprehensive):

  • channel name
  • channel type : IP, DVB, ...
  • channel protocol : dvb triplet, rtsp, ...
  • channel access : which can be specialised depending on channel type (IP address , triplet, ...)
  • this is not a formalism presented here, as many channels will now include multiple access points (HD, SD, adaptive streaming, broadcast, ...)


  • other use cases, proposals or other ongoing standardization activities which this use case is dependant on or related to

Using HTML Video tag to play broadcast video


  • any relevant comment that is good to track related to this use case