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Community and Business Groups. A breakout session during Plenary Day at TPAC 2012.


    • Participants felt it was important to make clearer distinction between CG products and WG products (e.g., through clearer graphical information, clearer statement about process used to create deliverable, avoiding names that may cause confusion).
    • Strong support for good practices, including:
      • Reusable charter, decision process
      • How to get work done (e.g., start with use cases and requirements)
    • We broached the topic of chair selection algorithm (but did not have time to work it out).
      • In addition we looked at other ways to give clarity to participants about operational agreements or lack thereof
    • We also talked about the transition of work between CGs and WGs, including touching on the "work overlap" question. (We did not discuss this much, but it was in the slides.)
    • Next steps: Staff should develop a timeline (within a couple of weeks) for making changes.
      • Invite people to let us know the priority of these changes to them to help management allocate sufficient resources.