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An opportunity to discover what W3C groups are working on and how that works intersect with other Web technologies.
The group updates and demos are provided as pre-recorded videos. These videos will be shared online from the TPAC 2023 website.


  • July 28, 2023: Indicate your interest to record a group update and/or a demo to Please include a title, a description, the W3C group behind the relevant technical work, and the contact person responsible for getting the video recorded
  • August 30, 2023: Videos expected to be shared with
  • Beg. of Sept. 2023: Videos uploaded to TPAC 2023 Web site

Confirmed Group Updates and/or Demos

  1. What is WoT, by the WoT CG
  2. Animate between states with the View Transition API, by Bramus Van Damme (Google) and the CSS WG
  3. Audio Working Group Updates and Demos, by Hongchan Choi (Google) and the WebAudio WG
  4. What's new in Pointer Events Level 3, by Patrick H. Lauke (TetraLogical) and the Pointer Events WG
  5. Real-time video processing with WebCodecs and Streams, by François Daoust (W3C)
  6. Building the web developer's catalog of web platform features, by Daniel Beck and the WebDX CG
  7. Metaverse Cloud Rendering on the Web, by Louay Bassbouss (FhG FOKUS) and the Web & Networks IG
  8. Distributed workers, by Michael McCool and Sudeep Divakaran (Intel) and the Web & Networks IG

Best Practices for Recording Videos

Plan the content

  • identify the story
    • demos: what problem is being newly solved? what impact can we expect from the proposed solution?
    • group updates: what is the group? what impact does it seek to have and is actually having on the Web?
  • make it accessible - follow the accessibility considerations when planning, scripting, storyboarding well before hitting the record button
  • plan for a short video - aim for 2 minutes if possible for a demo, 3 minutes for a group update
    • think of the demo as a teaser for a deeper technical dive, NOT the deep technical dive itself
    • if part of the process being demonstrated is slow or a bit long, plan on showing an abbreviated or accelerated version of the process
  • write up what you plan to say, keeping acronyms and jargon to a minimum, and explain it when using it
    • demos: show and tell - plan on describing orally what is happening in the demo
  • if you plan on showing code, prepare it so that it can be shown with a large font and clear contrasted colors, and focused on the most relevant code
  • if you plan on showing slides, see guidance on preparing them
  • end the script with indications on where to follow up for people interested in more details or in getting involved

Test your setup

  • ensure your audio setup is clear and crisp
  • if you plan on video-recording yourself speaking:
    • ensure your face will be well-lit, with the camera at eye level
    • ensure the background in front of which you'll record yourself is not distracting
    • memorize as much of your script as possible, or use a teleprompter to read your script while looking at the camera
    • if recording from a mobile device, record in landscape mode

See also audio/video recording guidance

Shooting the video

  • Speak clearly and slowly. No need to rush.
  • especially if reading from your script, make sure to keep your tone lively - imagine you're telling an exciting story to a colleague
  • if you're recording a screen, remove any distracting elements (irrelevant windows and tabs, notifications); if possible, zoom and highlight the most relevant elements
  • If you're video-recording yourself speaking, leave a few seconds before and after you start speaking in recording mode to allow for editing

Submitting the video

  • Once you're happy with the resulting video, please share it with using one of the on-line systems for sharing large files (e.g. Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc)
  • If you read from a script, please share it with us as it will help with captioning as well.
  • If you screen-recorded slides, please share them as well.