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Haiku challenge (an original idea of Maria A and David R)

During TPAC 2015, a contest was conducted for gathering partipants poetry and reveal the web artist community.

Game : edit your TPAC related haiku here, and win the undying gratitude of the universal poet community.

Contribution : you can directly edit this wiki page or send your contribution to maria dot w3 dot org with your poet name and the title you would like to see displayed.

Deadline : contributions are accepted until the end of the universe, but it is better to contribute before thursday 29th Oct 23:59 - Sapporo time.

the poetry jury was touched by the special tone of Yves L Haiku

  • Shepherds

Web is where we live

TPAC is where we connect

Free Web for the world.

the jury thanks all the participants for their kind words and great creativity

  • Karen Myers

Ohayo, good day

Is how we start at TPAC.

We end, Konbanwa.

  • Marie's:

One two three seasons,

Or four when counting lines

Sapporo leaves.

  • Ode to Scribes


I have been scribing so long

Zakim, close the queue

  • Brian's (Other) Song

I just lacked funds

I could not be at tpac

who will buy me drinks?

  • by Unknown (?)

room without windows

for the Houdini meeting

how do we escape?

  • Autumn

TPAC in Japan,

Gloriously resplendent,

I have to go home.

  • A drink at TPAC

No, I'm not drinking.

Oh go on, just a quick one,

It is 3am.

  • Glazou's sapporo song

Raw fish for dinner

Rough consensus every day

Raw-rough says the Akita

  • Where am I?

TPAC: five long days

jet lag, meetings, in a daze

Sapporo? Amaze!

  • Obviously :

Virginia said it

TPAC is real poetry

Coming in Japan

  • who are we?

zakim, who is here?

sleep with memes, too early wake

villagers? silence.

  • Winter in Sapporo

waiting for snow in Sapporo

but the exciting TPAC made hot and hot

after TPAC winter will come

  • a Chinese poet---judy zhu

有的人一直在说(you de ren yi zhi zai shuo);

有的人想说不敢说(you de ren xiang shuo bu gan shuo);

Sigh…有的说了也白说。。(you de shuo le ye bai shuo)

[translation of my Chinese poem on TPAC]

somebody keeps talking;

somebody wants to talk but keeps silent;

sigh....somebody talked but nobody

  • Until we meet again (Maria)

snow, sun, rain, and shine

Sapporo TPAC is here,

til we meet next year...

  • Unsolved problem (D. Ezell)

is “JOSE” the way?

the argument is over,

the queue is empty.

  • Full moon

Doug, a simple villager,

when the moon is full,

smells of blood, bones and beard.

  • TAGtivism

Stalking working groups

“We're the TAG we're here to help”

Words that bring much fear

  • Poem (anon)

Anonymous I,

Impossible on the web.

I am not a dog.

  • Gotta' love 'em (AnnB)

Making standards ... aargh

Geeks are exasperating

/ often lovable.

  • Accessibility


Oh Accessibility

We plan to aid thee

  • More fun than ISO (AnnB)

New standard measures:

A timbl, a chaals, werewolves ...

TPAC makes me smile.

  • Dystopian international standards life

Autumn mountain view.

Stuffy, ill-lit meeting room.

Yes I saw nothing.

  • This is for all

Medium for the few?

All should be allowed to post.

Yet, all bets are off.

  • Speak up?

Who is at the mic?

Still the usual suspects?

Where are new voices?

  • Missing

I could not be there

And I miss you very much

See you all next year

  • By Paul B

TPAC assumption

Gathering of standards leads

But poets prevail

  • By Gary G

I love the Haiku!

A very nice way to end things :-)

Sent from my iPhone

  • Last day

So many kind chats

hug, joke, love, beer and spec

think about next one !

  • Chaals poetry

Fun for the meeting

helps us work together well

let's write some haiku

  • David's poetry (an answer to chaals one ? :)

often at the mike

wants brevity at TPAC

motion: use haiku

  • A last one

the haiku challenge

becomes a subliminal

form of subversion

About Haiku

Structured usually as a 5/7/5 syllables little poetry, with 3 phrases, it should express here all the good vibrations you get from TPAC2015